June Journal

Bonjour mes amies! Summer has given me much needed time to explore so many new songs, websites, blogs, crafts, and products. I’m loving’ all this creative energy I have and time to work on my blog.

Today’s post is just a overview of all the things I have been loving lately and a little life update. I was inspired by Louise Ramo’s Sunday Currently on her blog Caffeine Rush. I love her art and blog, and I know you guys will too.

June Update

☆ Thinking- about my upcoming soul cycle class. I’m simultaneously super excited and super nervous. (Update: It was so fun!)

☆ Reading- Heart Talk: Poetic Wisdom for a Better Life by Cleo Wade. Cleo (who is an artist, a poet, and a speaker!!!) writes like your best friend would, offering great advice and uplifting statements. She is positive, inspiring, and wise.

☆ Loving- glossier products. No surprise here right?

☆ Eating- acai bowl with peanut butter. I’ve been loving this combo lately. They are so yummy 🙂

☆ Listening- to Orion’s Belt by Sabrina Claudio, Stars and Moons by Dizzy, and Dance, Baby by Boy Pablo.

☆ Touching- my sweet cat, Blueberry. She is sitting right next to me and is purring up a storm.

☆ Feeling- excited and energized. I’m really happy to have the time to work on my blog again, and I’m really letting my artistic side thrive after months of dedication to school and studying.

☆ Hoping- I can get a summer job soon to make a little money this summer.

☆ Watching- Bondi Rescue, an Australian TV show. My mom and I stumbled upon this show on Netflix, and since then we’ve been hooked.

☆ Missing- the beach. I love the sand and surf, and I want to go back to the shore.

☆ Clicking- Pinterest, blogs, and online magazines.

  • Check out the career category on The Everygirl, for some awesome stories about people who pursued their dreams and made awesome careers out of them (I was captivated by Alexandra Bradford who is a freelance reporter in the Middle East).
  • I’ve also been reading The Larson House. They adopted a girl from China with albinism. Their story is touching and inspiring.

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you haven’t already make sure you check out my Instagram @auchatbleublog. Thanks for stopping by!

18 thoughts on “June Journal”

    1. Thanks Jasper! You are so sweet. I’ve noticed peanut butter makes them really creamy. I haven’t quite mastered the recipe on my own but this juice store near me makes the best PB&J acai bowls.


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