Painted Jacket DIY

Bonjour mes amies! I’m so incredibly excited to show you this project because it was super fun to make with a super cute result. I had a snow day, so I decided to decorate a painted jean jacket. DIYs are some of my favorite things to do because they are such a fun way to let loose your creativity and feel that inspirational flow. I hope you enjoy this artsy project!


  • Jean jacket
  • Acrylic/ fabric paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Tape


This project is completely customizable and super individualized. As my little graphic up there said, make art that makes you feel good! This project is a way to be creative and have fun, so feel free to create your own design or change up my design.

  1. Use tape to create a frame. This will allow you to create a clean, crisp painted frame to draw your flowers in.

2. Next, I drew the extended branches of my flower bouquet. I created these flower stems first because I knew that they would stick out of the main painting.

3. I continued down the frame filling in the empty space with flowers and new stems. In order to add dimension to my flower bouquet, I used a light green for a vine that would wrap around the stems. I also drew some flowers on top of others in order to create a multi-layer effect.

4. I continued adding flowers and mixing colors together in order to create vibrant and detailed designs.

5. Next, I created a vine to wrap around the frame. I thought that this added a unique dimension and gave the picture some life.

6. Finally, I painted a few smaller flowers to fill in the gaps, added a center to each flower, and completed the vine. Then, I added some golden sparkles to give the extra space a pretty touch.

I really hope that you all are inspired by this fun project. I recommend getting the jean jacket from a thrift store or cheaper store so that you don’t feel too bad about painting on your new jacket. If you decide to make a jacket of your own, make sure to tag me on instagram or send it to me so that I can see your lovely creation.

If you want to see more, check out my Instagram to see a video of the entire jacket painting process. It was a snow day, so you get to see the entire adventure from winter wonderland to floral painting.

As always, I wish you a wonderful and joyful week. Remember to let your sun shine on the best days and to dance in the rain on your worst. Sending love and positivity your way!

I’ll see you soon.


20 thoughts on “Painted Jacket DIY”

  1. OKAY, I FREAKING LOVE THIS! I’ve actually got special leather paints that I bought so I could try a similar thing on leather jackets, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet…. you’ve motivated me to get my ass in gear and give it a try!xx


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