18th Birthday Weekend

Bonjour mes amies! Quick post recap: kittens, ice cream, and birthday! I’m so excited to bring you this post today because this weekend was truly one of the happiest weekends of my life. I turned 18, and spent much needed fun time with my friends and family. My blog has been noticeably quieter in February not because I didn’t want to post, but because my schedule has been packed with my tutoring job, school, senior year activities, dance, and track. However, my blog is always one of my highest priorities, and I’m so excited for some upcoming posts and trips!

On Saturday, my mom and I celebrated my birthday together a little early. We love going on adventures to Washington, DC together and exploring new places. We drove to Georgetown a trendy, fancy neighborhood in DC.

We read about a kitten pop-up shop in downtown Georgetown, and we knew we had to go. Despite the line, they had room for two more people as soon as we got there. We were surprised and excited to be let in to the little pop-up shop so fast!

The Kitten Lounge was absolutely amazing (check out how cute they are)! We sat on fluffy white pillows and just snuggled the sweet kittens. Each cat was rescued from the shelter and all were available for adoption which made the experince extra special as we knew they would soon find happy forever homes.

Sunday was the most interesting day. JK, I did homework #studentlife! Although Sunday was not the most exciting day, it was still really special. My family and I ate my favorite dinner outside on my sunroom for the first time after a cold winter. Finally spring is arriving!

Finally, Monday was my actual birthday. I share my birthday with two other girls in my friends group (how crazy is that?). While some might not like the shared attention, I love that we share the day because we love to combine birthdays and invite a large group of friends to do something special.

The three of us invited about 15 friends to the Wharf in Washington, DC. The Wharf is a newly revitalized neighborhood with a beautiful boardwalk, cute shops, and delicious food. We took the metro into the city after school then went to lunch at the most delicious restaurant.

We went to a place called Toastique with delicious toast spreads and fancy acai bowls (see above). Then, we ate dessert at the Milk Bar. You might have seen this place on Instagram, as it is a favorite for foodies and influencers with locations in LA, NYC, Boston, and Las Vegas. What’s so great about Milk Bar? Every icecream flavor tastes like milk after you left cereal in it. For example, the taste of your milk bowl after eating fruity cereal. It was actually quite delicious!

We released our inner child on the large wooden swings on the pier. It was perfect for a mini photoshoot and lots of instagram boomerangs. We also got free books from a stand outside Politics and Prose, a famous bookstore in Washington, DC.

I hope you all enjoyed this post! Hopefully, those food pictures didn’t make you too hungry.

See you soon,


18 thoughts on “18th Birthday Weekend”

  1. Happy 18th Birthday, sweet girl!!! It sounds like you had a lovely weekend. Those kittens are ADORABLE and that lunch and dessert look so yummy! This entire post is absolutely aesthetic and I love the way you edited your pictures with the doodles ❤


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