Places I Want To Visit ~collab~

Bonjour mes amies! Beautiful architecture, soft sand beaches, and exotic natural wonders… Can you tell I’m craving travel? But alas, I’m sitting in my home next to my cute aloe plants and surrounded by a cozy blanket and a book I was reading. Although I love my room and the comfort of home, I can’t help but imagine the adventures I could be having on a trip overseas, so today you get to join me on this little daydream and see the places I’m dreaming of.

But wait… you get to join the fabulous Jasper too! Jasper’s blog is so lovely, trendy, and aesthetic. She has a great eye for design, color, and style, and on top of all that, she seems like such a genuinely nice person. So go check out her blog if you haven’t already! I am more than thrilled to be collabing with her today!


India is one of those places I feel like you have to see before you die. It is so rich with culture, people, and architecture that I feel like you could spend months there and still only scrape the surface of what India has to offer.

Travel 7


I’ve always had a fascination with Turkey. Maybe because my best friend used to live there or maybe because I chose to be its ambassador for my school? I’m not quite sure, but I do know that I’m captivated by its vibrant history. I’d really like to visit Alacati on the Mediterranean coast or Cappadocia farther inland.

Travel 5


You’d think with Mexico just south of the border I would have been there before. I absolutely love Mexico’s culture, and I’m fascinated by things like Día de Muertos. The vibrant colors and textures of central Mexico and the sunny coasts are places I must see someday.

Travel 2


Ohhh you had no idea how much I’ve always wanted to visit Australia! I follow so many Instagram accounts and fashion companies from Australia, and I’m obsessed with their vibe and style. I’d really love to see the Great Barrier Reef, Byron Bay, and Sydney.


☆The Netherlands☆

I’d love to see the colorful tulip fields, rustic windmills, and weaving canals in this charming country. My mom’s family was from here, so I’d really like to visit the towns where my family lived before immigrating to America. Plus stroopwafels!!!

Travel 3


Ok, ok, I’ve already been here, but more specifically, I want to see Palma Mallorca and Andalusia. When I visited, we just stayed in Barcelona, so I feel that there’s so much more of the country to discover. Palma Mallorca has been my mom’s and my dream destination for years, and someday I hope we can go. I really want to see Andalusia because I am fasciated by its unique history.

Travel 4


Last but not least, I would love to visit Kenya. I’d love to tour Nairobi and to go on a Safari. It would be so amazing to see lions, giraffes, and other wild animals in person.

Travel 6

Thank you for reading this far! I hope you enjoyed this collab with Jasper, and make sure you go visit her blog if you haven’t already.

BTW: I tried out a new style for the featured image. Do you like it?

26 thoughts on “Places I Want To Visit ~collab~”

  1. I’M SO OBSESSED WITH YOUR IMAGES! Every time I’m on your site I just think about how pretty everything you make is! All these places look amazing (I love spain so damn much and we went to mexico for my parents wedding… honestly such a beautiful place and the tours are AMAZING!) x

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  2. Lovely post! ❤ I would LOVE to go to Australia someday, that country is somewhere at the very top of my bucket list. It sounds absolutely stunning – even if I wouldn't be such a fan of the spiders and everything 😂😂 still, it sounds very beautiful ❤ I have been to Amsterdam a couple years ago and loved it there, I hope you'll be able to visit someday 😀

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