Your Guide to Creating a Plant Sanctuary: Growing Happiness and Productivity

Bonjour mes amies! Here’s something I haven’t talked about a lot on my blog: my plant collection. No, I don’t have a crazy green thumb with a house full of rare species and a huge garden, but I  do have a few succulents, aloe vera plants, and small bonsai tree (check them out below). My house has a sunroom which we fill with a small collection of plants, and on these long summer days, I love laying under the golden rays surrounded by the leaves while reading a book (I can almost pretend I’m in Hawaii). I think whether it’s just a little corner of your room or an entire portion of your house, everyone can benefit from having a little green space. Plus who doesn’t want some amazing health and happiness benefits?

Plant 5Plant 4

Reasons To Create Your Own Plant Sanctuary


Houseplants offer more than just a visual aesthetic, they are terrific for your health. Plants absorb carbon dioxide from the air, remove airborne bacteria, and improve air quality by eliminating toxins. Studies have also shown that having plants indoors reduced problems such as dry skin, headaches, and fatigue. Now that is flower power!


Odds are you’ve experienced that sweet feeling of serenity and bliss while on a hike, visiting a flower field, or exploring a forest. While we can’t spare time to do these activities every day, by bringing plant life into our homes and offices, we can create a green space that offers many of the same benefits.


Raise your hand if you want to avoid procrastination? Me🙋🏼! Studies found that plants improved productivity by up to 15%. Isn’t that awesome? Dr. Chris Knight from Exeter University and his colleagues discovered that when plants were introduced to an office space, it improved employee’s memory retention and performance. The modern workspace often lacks the stimulus that makes creativity possible, so by adding plants to wherever you complete your work, you are planting ingenuity and innovation.

☆Interior Design☆

Imagine this in your room: the beautiful tropic green of a palm or the sparkling red of a dwarf pomegranate tree (yes those exist!). Plants add much-needed color to drab and boring living spaces. They breathe life and nature into a room which if you ask me is a pretty great reason to add some plants to your home decor.

How To Get Started

Choose a part of your home that you like to spend a lot of time in or maybe one that lacks decoration. You’ll want a little bit of sunlight, but if you choose your plants carefully, a room lacking lots of natural light won’t be an issue. This spot is all about you so tailor the plants to your own personal style. Perhaps a succulent garden for a desert boho look? Perhaps a bonsai tree if you love Japanese style? You are the creative mind behind this space♥

Plant 3

Buying Your Plants

Good news: there are many places to buy pretty and affordable plants! Some of my favorites are…

  • The farmer’s market
  • Your friends (some plants like aloe multiply themselves, so see if your friends have any plants they want to get rid of)
  • A local greenhouse or nursery
  • Some grocery stores
  • Amazon (you can even get cool plants like Venus Fly Traps)

Taking Care of Your Plants

Most plants come with a little care guide, but if not, you can look one up on Pinterest or Google. Some questions you may want to ask are…

  • How much water?
  • How much sunshine?
  • When do I need to repot?
  • What type of soil?
  • Will it attract pests?

Plant Graphic

Thanks for reading everyone! I hope you enjoyed this post. Do you have any plants? If so what are they? Where in your house do you feel most productive?

30 thoughts on “Your Guide to Creating a Plant Sanctuary: Growing Happiness and Productivity”

  1. I love this post so much! I’ve been slowly growing my little plant collection in the past few months and I’m managing to keep them alive too, they just add so much character to a room. My aloe (I’ve called him Nigel) is growing the best at the moment ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Im in love with your photos! You’re so artistic and aesthetic and it gives me life! Also, I have a small plant collection but Im sad because Ill have to leave them behind when I head back to college. Great post, love!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. ahh, brooke, this post is lovely! i absolutely love plants and i own a basil plant named nelson, aha :)! your plants look so healthy and happy and as always, your photos and graphics are gorg! i loved this post x

    Liked by 1 person

  4. As always, the aesthetic QUEEN (seriously, on all your posts I come away with things stuck to my pinterest boards because IT’S ALL SO PRETTY!) I actually have a little plant sanctuary in a corner of my room where the window is. My absolute favourite plant to grow is bamboo – it’s really easy to grow too 🙂 xx

    Liked by 1 person

  5. oh my goodness … cuteness overload!!!!! first and foremost: your pictures are stunning! and then those plants are just lovely!! i think i am definitely going to look into doing something like this for my room . . . so far i’ve just got a lil cactus named pan! haha xx


  6. I really want to get myself an aloe vera plant! By the way, I love the way you edit your images and posts. I hope you don’t mind if I ask what do you use to edit your photos? I used to use polyvore to make that collage look, but it’s no longer running, and now I’m in need of a new form of editing my photos.

    Natalie |


  7. OMG i love this brooke! i currently have 4 plants in my room! i am trying to bring my string of pearls back to life because i over watered it! *whoops* your posts are honestly super cute and i just want to read every one of them!!!
    ella x


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