Summery Things To Do ~collab~

Bonjour mes amies! I hope you all are enjoying your summer (or winter in the Southern Hemisphere)! Today, I’m collabing with the wonderful Raf from rafstheticallypleasing. Her blog is so lovely and so aesthetic, so you should go check out her page! I hope you all enjoy this post and get some fun ideas for things to do this summer.

☆Visit a farmer’s market☆

I’ve been loving my local farmer’s market lately. So much, I actually went twice this week in two different towns. The fruits and vegetables are so fresh and tasty, and everything just looks so much more appealing than when it just sits in the grocery store. Plus, this is a summer fun activity to do with friends.

Act 2

☆Make a journal☆

Journaling is a fun and relaxing way to spend your time this summer. When it’s way too hot to be outside, you can enjoy the serenity of art journaling or bullet journaling to your favorite album.

Act 6

☆Take a day trip☆

I took this picture when my friend and I took a day trip to the city to do Soul Cycle (let me know if you want a post on that experience). It was a super fun way to spend our summer day (even though it rained).

Act 3

☆Make a flower crown☆

This is such a creative way to take advantage of all the flowers that bloom in the summertime. Flower crowns are a fun activity to do with friends and perfect for a photo shoot right after. See my post ‘How To Make a Flower Crown’ here.

Act 5

☆Paint a picture☆

You don’t have to be Picasso to enjoy painting or drawing. I bought this watercolor palette for only $5 at a craft store, and I’ve enjoyed using them to decorate my journal and paint little pictures.

Act 1

Thanks for making it to the end! Make sure you check out Raf’s post and leave a comment below. What is your favorite thing to do in the summer?



37 thoughts on “Summery Things To Do ~collab~”

  1. This was fab! Markets are great; there are some great markets here in England, especially in farming areas/the countryside. I also love day trips: it’s great to get out and about in a new place, and in summer, everyone always seems more chilled out and friendly. Plus there are always things to do, for tourists and such, in summer when the weather’s good.
    For me, summer is the perfect time to get into some good books — school is so overwhelming that the summer break is ideal for ploughing through my TBR. Combine a good book with my Spotify library, and perhaps an ice coffee, or an orange juice & lemonade, and you’re set for a great summer 😄

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  2. omg your posts are so aesthetic brooke! i especially LOVE thsi flower crown and i will defo check out your post on that! also, i love your bullet journall its amazing! i just posted my july setup if you would like to check that out? 🙂
    Ella x

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  3. Ahhh this made me so excited to fully enjoy my summer 🙂 I took a day trip with my best friend last week and it was definitely a lot of fun. Your bullet journal looks super cute and that flower crown looks amazing. I’ve never made one but I feel like it would fall apart right away lol

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  4. I like the idea of going to farmers markets. I should try and squeeze that in before the summer is over. I’ve taken a few day trips to the seaside which is nice. I’m also trying to get a picnic in as well! x

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