January Journal

Bonjour mes amies! Can you believe its almost the end of our first month of 2019? That’s crazy to me, but also super exciting because the last few days of January have been amazing. I hope that the good news and happy moments continue into the next few months.

Today, I’m bringing back my monthly journals. I did a few in the summer (see June Journal and July Journal). I like my monthly journals because you guys can get to know me better and I get to share some amazing products. I really hope you guys enjoy this post!

☆ Thinking- about how I can’t believe we are almost one entire month into 2019!

☆ Reading- The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas and Becoming by Michelle Obama! Oh..my…gosh you guys have got to read these two books. The Hate U Give is powerful and speaks on very important issues. Becoming is the best book I’ve read in a while. Michelle Obama tells her story in such a motivating, passionate, and hilarious way. I encourage everyone, American or not, to read this book.

☆ Loving- the app Happy Not Perfect, an app solely for being mindful and taking care of your mental health. The app is so enlightening and something that you can do today to make your life happier and healthier. Poppy Jamie, the creator, is absolutely inspiring. You can listen to her talk on the Girlboss podcast.

☆ Eating- Well we’ll call this drinking for today… I’ve been loving hot chocolate because of my Keurig machine and the cold weather. I’m talking hot chocolate flavors like Moroccan mint, white chocolate, peanut butter cookie, and salted caramel.

☆ Listening- Podcasts. Podcasts. Podcasts. I’ve been on the podcast-kick lately. I find them so inspiring, and I love that I can do something else while simultaneously listening. Gotta be productive ya know?! My favorite podcasts are Gals on the Go (by Youtubers Danielle Carolan and Brooke Miccio), Girl Boss Radio (by Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso), and Pretty Basic (by Youtubers Remi Cruz and Alisha Marie).

☆ Touching- My sweet cat Blue. When is she not sitting on my computer/ homework/ anything I try to do? She even inspired the name of this blog with a little influence from a Paris trip😉

☆ Feeling- happy to be working a job for the first time. Starting this school year, I’ve been earning money through tutoring students. I usually don’t mention it a lot on my blog but I really enjoy learning at school and helping others through tutoring in French and Math club, so it’s great that I get to be paid now for doing something that makes me feel so great!

☆ Hoping- for some exciting college acceptances and the courage to be strong in the case of unfortunate news. (Update: Since I wrote this post, I got into UVA and UNC!)

☆ Watching- youtube as usual. Recently, I’ve been watching Danielle Carolan, Summer Mckeen, and Margot Lee. Danielle is super inspiring with her productive daily routine and her vlogs give a glimpse into American college life. Summer is just like her name: warm, sunny, and positive. Margot is a trendy college gal with content across the lifestyle genre. Definitely go check out these girlbosses!

☆ Missing- the beach, the waves, and the salty air.

☆ Pinning- lots of poetry. I’ve found so many lovely poems on Pinterest that have inspired me and my writing as well as the continued reading of my favorites Cleo Wade and Rupi Kaur.

Thanks for reading my lovely friends! I hope this post was interesting and gave you some new things to check out. I send you all the love and positivity in this upcoming week. See you soon!

QOTD: Who are your favorite youtubers?

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