The Five Things You Deserve

Bonjour mes amies! Happy New Year! It still kind of shocks me that this is my second New Year with Au Chat Bleu. This past year has had both ups and downs (as most years do), and I can definitely say that 2018 was the year of growth.

☆We live in a beautiful world☆

As we begin in 2019, this is a special post about something that I think we all need to know in the new year (and in life in general). Throughout 2018, especially at the end, I noticed a lot of my friends, classmates, and other people were feeling down. I saw people deal with challenging situations from new feelings of anxiety to bad relationships. It made me sad to realize how many people are made to feel lesser or unworthy on a daily basis. Whether it be exclusive friend groups, feelings of self-doubt, or unsupportive family members, there are too many people feeling worthless or unwanted. Some people begin to think that they will always feel this way or that they deserve to feel this way. It is time to stop this mentality. You deserve happiness, recognition, respect, peace, and dreams. Do not let anyone take those things away from you.

  1. Happiness

You deserve to feel happy. You deserve to feel joy and to feel the warmth of a smile on your face. It is never too late to work on your happiness. If something is not making you happy, you have the power to change it. This is not your training life. Create a life that you love to live!

2. Recognition

You deserve recognition. If no one has told you today yet: You are so amazing! You deserve people in your life you recognize your accomplishments and are proud of you (just as you would be for them). Your strength and hard work are inspiring and worthy of attention. Do not tolerate people who make you feel lesser or unworthy.

3. Respect

You deserve respect. It is time to say adios to people who are exclusive, rude, or backhanded. You deserve to be surrounded by people who are caring and considerate. Promise me that in 2019, you will not let people treat you less than you deserve to be treated. Fill your circle with people who include you and make you feel special because that’s how you deserve to be treated and should want your friends to feel as well.

4. Peace

You deserve peace. Whether it be anxiety, stress, depression, or something else, remember that you are not defined by these unwanted feelings/ states. You are so strong and so powerful, and you deserve to feel at peace. Know that you can overcome these obstacles and you are stronger than you could ever know. Remember how far you have come. Strength grows in the moments when you think you can go no further, but you do anyway.

5. Dreams

You deserve dreams. My dear, you deserve dreams that are wild, adventurous, inspiring, frightening, and wonderful. If it seems crazy, it is a good sign that it is worth pursuing. You can accomplish great things. Do not let others put you in a box when you are destined for the stars. Surround yourself with people who support you and inspire you. Repeat after me, “I will not let anyone make me feel powerless. I am strong. I am capable. I am worthy.”

I hope this post was refreshing and enlightening, and that reminded you that you deserve so much! As a little extra treat, I made a wallpaper that you can use to remind yourself of these five things and to offer a little color and inspiration to your daily life. You can save it from here, screenshot from my highlights on Instagram, or save from my Pinterest.

I hope this post reminded you of all the things you deserve. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you again soon.

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