June Journal No. 2

Bonjour mes amies! It’s bright and sunny outside my window which means summer has arrived with new adventures to embark upon and memories to make. I’ve been gone for a few months, but my blog was never far from my mind. I’m so excited to bring you this June Journal something I started exactly this time last year (check out the original June Journal).

☆ Thinking- about my upcoming trip to South Africa with my university! I am in a special program that will take me on a one week trip to Cape Town before I even start classes. I am ready to learn and grow from this opportunity and I will definitely take you all along for the ride.

☆ Reading- Frankie Issue 89. Oh my gosh do I love these crafty artsy magazines. Flow and Frankie are my two favorites, so much that I will drive 30 mins to the nearest bookstore that stocks them. From details on cute, sassy little enamel pins and yoga mats inspired by the beautiful vibrant colors of Persian rugs to articles about creative entrepreneurs and the science of memory, Frankie is my go-to summer read.

☆ Loving- my new hydro flask. It keeps my water cold and fresh and it’s much better for the environment It’s a win-win for everyone.

☆ Eating- Peanut butter açaí bowls. Tasty, sweet, and healthy I’ve been loving açaí bowls with peanut butter drizzled on top or added into the mixture. Plus its a great protein source for this vegetarian!

☆ Listening- to lots of podcasts. Some of my favorites are Gals on the Go and Girlboss Radio and recently I’ve been listening to the Ologies, This Podcast Will Kill You, and Pretty Basic.

☆ Feeling- angry. Angry about our the lack of humanity at our borders. Angry that our environment is being destroyed. Angry about the human rights abuses in Sudan. Hopeful that we can take action. Hopeful that 2020 Democrats provide new energy to combat Trump’s hate. Hopeful that we can stop these atrocities.

☆ Hoping- that my first year of college is full of knowledge, friends, and inspiration. I want to grow as an individual, try new things, and make new connections.

☆ Watching- Youtube. If you are looking for a little inspiration to kick start your summer these are some of my favorite videos: A Day in My Life: CNN meetings, NYC Internship, Hanging with Friends, Day in the Life of a Young Female Entrepreneur, and Prison to Stanford: How He Did It. I’ve also been loving the channel Unreported World for its interesting,

☆ Missing- beach days. I love waking up, throwing on a bath suit and coverup, and spending the entire day soaking up the sun.

It felt so good to spend the last few hours on WordPress and editing my pictures after a few months of break in which I wanted to fully be in the moment of key changes in my life. This summer expect new, inspiring, and fresh content, as I plan to restart my blog obsession.

See you soon,


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