Trends I’m Lovin’ ~collab~

Bonjour mes amies! I hope your holiday was wonderful. Today I bring you a  post all about fashion, but the best part is that this post is a collab with Infinitely A Daydreamer. Her blog is absolutely stunning with the perfect balance of aesthetic imagery and posts about important topics. You should definitely go check… Continue reading Trends I’m Lovin’ ~collab~

January Haul

Bonjour mes amies! I'm super excited to share this post because this is my first haul! I love watching fashion videos and putting my own twist on celebrity trends. My style is influenced by a lot of youtubers and Instagramers such as Hailey Sani and Summer Mckeen. Basically, I really like vintage clothing vibes and… Continue reading January Haul

October Trends

Bonjour mes amies! This has been an absolutely crazy and stressful week at school, but now it's the weekend! In today's post I will show you guys some of the most popular October trends and some trends that I'm currently loving ♥ Trend 1: Sheer Tops Sheer tops have become extremely popular in recent months and… Continue reading October Trends