September Journal

Bonjour mes amies! It is now October. The month of sweet apple cider, cool autumn nights, and all things pumpkin. I bring to you today another monthly journal where I talk about all my favorites and thoughts of the previous month.  I'm so sorry that I missed two consecutive weeks of posting, but I've been… Continue reading September Journal

My Favorite YouTubers Pt2

Bonjour mes amies! These are just a few of my favorite YouTubers. I did part 1 of this series a few months ago with some of my all time favorite YouTubers (check it out here). BTW: AP Exams are over which means lots of very fun posts coming your way! Emma's Channel Elena's Channel Cartia's… Continue reading My Favorite YouTubers Pt2

How To Make A Gorgeous Flower Crown

Bonjour mes amies! Yesterday was the most beautiful day in all of weather existence. It was finally spring. The sun was shining, the flowers were blooming, and the birds were singing, and my inner flower child was so happy. Maybe its the fact that Coachella is this weekend or maybe it's because I miss Hawaii,… Continue reading How To Make A Gorgeous Flower Crown

The Aesthetic Tag

Bonjour mes amies! As you can see by the title, I was nominated for the Aesthetic Tag by the wonderful I was a teenage polar bear (check out her aesthetic tag here). Thank you to Hailey from I was a teenage polar bear for the nomination and Ella from AHappilyEllaAfter for creating this cool tag. The Rules… Continue reading The Aesthetic Tag

Liebster Award

Bonjour mes amies! Guess what? I was nominated by Amongst Daisies (check out her blog, it's so gorgeous) for the Liebster award. This is the first time I have been nominated and I'm super excited to write this post. BTW these are the requirements for the post 1. Acknowledge the blog that gave it to… Continue reading Liebster Award

What Nature Can Teach Us

Bonjour mes amies! Recently, I went to a flower dinner at a farm to celebrate locally grown flowers and food (which is where all most of these pictures were taken). It was incredibly beautiful and I felt like I was living in a fairy tale. Feeling incredibly grateful for the beauty and gifts the earth… Continue reading What Nature Can Teach Us

Appreciating The Little Things

Bonjour mes amies! As you have seen from the title, this blog post is about all the little beautiful experiences in life that we may not see at first, but are important nonetheless. I was sitting outside watching my pets wander around my yard, when I noticed flowers of every kind blooming in my yard.… Continue reading Appreciating The Little Things