Hot Chocolate and Chat 2

Bonjour mes amies and merry Christmas Eve! I wish you all a wonderful, happy, and joyful holiday. This is my second Hot Chocolate and Chat (see my first one here). Basically the theme of this post is to chat like we were sitting at a cafe. I'll share my thoughts and I want to hear from… Continue reading Hot Chocolate and Chat 2

December Bullet Journal + Winter Bujo Ideas

Bonjour mes amies! It's the most wonderful time of the year! It's December which means grab your fuzzy blanket, put on your Christmas sweater, and drink your peppermint hot cocoa because it's time for the holidays! Besides summer time, the holiday season is my absolute favorite time of the year, so of course, I had… Continue reading December Bullet Journal + Winter Bujo Ideas

Hot Chocolate and Chat

Bonjour mes amies! In honor of the lovely autumn weather and the chill of fall, I decided today would be a great day to have a cocoa chat. I want this post to feel like we are sitting at a cozy cafe in Paris sipping some hot chocolate, coffee, or tea and having a great… Continue reading Hot Chocolate and Chat

October Bullet Journal

Bonjour mes amies! As October approaches, it is finally starting to look and feel like fall. I have a lot planned for October (which you guys will get to see) which means today was the perfect opportunity to get my bullet journal ready for the month. A bullet journal is a concept created by Ryder… Continue reading October Bullet Journal

10 Tips That Will Help You Succeed In School

Bonjour mes amies! Most students are back to school, so I thought it would be nice to write a post about 10 ways to succeed in school this year. I chose not to use the words "How To Get Good Grades" or "How To Get All As", because I think success more appropriately covers all… Continue reading 10 Tips That Will Help You Succeed In School

Appreciating The Little Things

Bonjour mes amies! As you have seen from the title, this blog post is about all the little beautiful experiences in life that we may not see at first, but are important nonetheless. I was sitting outside watching my pets wander around my yard, when I noticed flowers of every kind blooming in my yard.… Continue reading Appreciating The Little Things

My Favorite Books

Bonjour mes amies! Today's post is on my favorite books. I chose four categories, lifestyle, motivational, transformational, and educational. I will do a post on my favorite fiction books in the future. I hope you like this post! Lifestyle Why I like it: This book combines all my favorite things, French, healthy food, music, beauty… Continue reading My Favorite Books