New York Travel Diary

Bonjour mes amies! Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Americans and even those who do not celebrate the holiday! I am so thankful for all of you and your support! Travel diaries are always some of the most fun and exciting posts to edit and write so I really hope you guys enjoy this little peek into my day in New York City.

It was so exciting to take a trip to New York with my family for this break. School, extracurriculars, and college applications have been intense, so it was amazing to take a little break this weekend.

We arrived in New York from Grand Central Station. Gossip Girl anyone? This is the same train station that Serena Van Der Woodson steps off of after she returns to New York, and the first time we see Gossip Girl in action.

My own picture next to Serena’s grand entrance

I was more than excited to visit one thing in New York: the new glossier flagship store! I love the message and packaging of glossier (makeup that celebrates working women, diversity, and self-care), so I was thrilled when we got to visit especially while Black Friday sales were still in full swing. The store was beautiful and resembled a museum.

There was already a line outside the store when I arrived

The workers at Glossier were extremely kind and helpful, and the layout of the store was absolutely beautiful. My grandma, mom, and I each picked out a special product, so it was a great way for us to bond. Each time I put on my new birthday balm dot com, I’ll think of our time together.

A flower field in ancient Rome or a makeup store?
The conveyor belt and some Glossier art

After ordering  your glossier product on an iPad from one of the store employees, your order is sent to the front desk where it comes down from a conveyor belt. Once the workers in their light pink jumpsuits call your name, you receive a lovely bag with the signature Glossier bubble pouch, some stickers, a free sample, and your purchase.

After shopping at the Glossier store, we walked to Muji, a Japanese store. I’m obsessed with Muji’s simplistic and functional products, particularly their pens (the favorite of bullet journalers everywhere). I bought a few items which I would be glad to show you all in a New York haul or perhaps in a bullet journal post.

Finally, we were hungry for some lunch, so we went to a crepe restaurant, perfect for this francophile! Crepes are one of my favorite meals. I could truly eat them every day.

After exploring the city, eating, and shopping, we decided to take the train home. It was a perfect winter day in New York City.

How I felt walking back to the subway with all my bags

I hope you all enjoyed this travel diary of my day in New York City. I wish you all a happy, positivity-filled weekend. I’ve noticed that a lot of my friends and people on social media have been dealing with quite a bit of sadness and anxiety lately. I’m here to encourage you and remind you that you can overcome this. You are enough and have always been enough. Be gentle with yourself, and everytime you think of the things that you are afraid of try to replace them with all the things that could go right. I know this isn’t at all related to my New York trip, but it’s an important message that deserves a little spotlight.

Much love,


16 thoughts on “New York Travel Diary”

  1. Wow I absolutely loved this. I’d love to visit NY one day, it looks dreamy. The way you layout your posts is EVERYTHING, I live for the aesthetic. This was such a great read (and so many Gossip Girl vibes!!) xx

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