September Journal

Bonjour mes amies! It is now October. The month of sweet apple cider, cool autumn nights, and all things pumpkin. I bring to you today another monthly journal where I talk about all my favorites and thoughts of the previous month.  I’m so sorry that I missed two consecutive weeks of posting, but I’ve been grinding on these college applications. It is hard work, but I know after this period of stress, it will all be worth it. So now, I bring you a September Journal.

☆ Thinking- about how different life will be a year from now.

☆ Reading- Always and Forever Lara Jean by Jenny Han.

☆ Loving- all the opportunities coming my way.

☆ Eating- Cool Mint Chocolate Cliff Bars. They are so delicious and they are perfect for after an intense workout or to reenergize at school.

☆ Listening- to Glow Like Dat by Rich Brian, Lemon Boy by Cavetown, Lovers by Anna of the North, and Salad Days by Mac Demarco.

☆ Touching- my computer keys and a blanket.

☆ Feeling- slightly stressed but also content.

☆ Hoping- to balance sports, college applications, blogging, tutoring, and social life.

☆ Watching- not much lately but I’ve been listening to lots of podcasts.

☆ Pinning- lots of quotes. I’ve been obsessed with quotes lately. The power of words is so magical to me.

Here is one of my favorites…

I have a really exciting post coming to you next Sunday. It is all about positivity, persistence, and finding your inner Girl Boss. Until then, remember to look for joy in your life, to be kind to others, and to never lose sight of your goals. I wish you all the best week, and I’ll see you next time!

QOTD: What is your favorite thing about the fall?

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