Last Day of Summer

Bonjour mes amies! As my final post for the summer, I’d like to take you on my trip to the sunflower fields. It was an absolutely beautiful day, one that makes you wish summer would last forever.


Last Sunday, my family and I woke up early in order to get a nice serving of blueberry pancakes and smoothies before heading out into the countryside to visit one of the most charming places on earth: a pick-your-own sunflower field. We went to the fields in the morning to avoid the heat and crowds of the afternoon.


The sunflowers glowed under the rays of the sun and the fields were buzzing with butterflies and bees. It was the best way to spend my last weekend before school.


We made sure to pick only the most radiant flowers in the field. I was surprised to learn that red sunflowers exist. Did you know that was possible? Right before leaving the fields, I bought a few honey sticks. They are so delicious, and they remind me of summer as a child.


Once we got home, I finished reading ‘To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before’. It is a charming book, and you should definitely read it even if you’ve already seen the movie (there are a few surprises that you don’t want to miss out on in the book). After finishing the book, I sat on my deck and edited these pictures as the afternoon turned into evening. It was a beautiful way to end the summer.

Lastly, before you go… if you want some great songs to end your summer, you should go check out Frankie’s post People and Their Tunes. Frankie made such lovely graphics for each person that shared their songs (see below) and the other girls picked out some great tunes.

Thanks for stopping by my lovely friends! I’ll see you next Saturday!

32 thoughts on “Last Day of Summer”

  1. your pictures are stunning!! totally wish I could visit a sunflower field, but sadly I don’t think there is anywhere I live. Really nice post! ♡

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  2. Your post is so aesthetically pleasing! I love how you arrange your photos. Also, that sunflower umbrella is so cute! I tried to go sunflower picking earlier this summer but they were all dead the day we went which was sad and I got bitten by a ton of mosquitos. I’m glad your sunflower adventure was a success!!! 🙂

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