How To Make a Gorgeous Moodboard

Bonjour mes amies! It’s time to make some bomb Pinterest-worthy mood boards for your room/office/creative space! Mood boards are the perfect way to organize your creative energy and find inspiration.

  1. Finding inspiration

The first step is always to collect photos, quotes, magazine clippings, or other tidbits that inspire you. Anything is game. There’s only one condition: it must make you feel something. Whether that feeling is beauty, compassion, or “Woah this is so relatable” it’s all up to you! A colorful menu from your fave restaurant? Check. An artsy Pinterest image? Um yes. A movie ticket from a great night out? Yes!

I collected images from Pinterest, typed out some of my fave quotes, and painted some small images (see a timelapse of the process on my Instagram) to add to the texture of my mood board. Below are my inspo pieces laid out on my bed. Enjoy my cute Blueberry sitting on the images. Can any other cat owners relate to your cat sitting on literally everything you do?


If you like some of my images check them out on my Pinterest board here and feel free to follow my new Pinterest Auchatbleublog. I’m super sad because Pinterest somehow deactivated the old account that I loved so much. (I logged in using the same email and password as always and it was no longer there and said I needed to create a new account #firstworldproblems.) So follow me on the new one my friends and I’ll definitely follow you back to see all your lovely pins!

2. Adding Design

Now that you’ve probably collected a whole collection of inspiring images, quotes, etc, it’s time to add the final touches. I added some washi tape and pink and orange borders to my images to give them that personal touch.

Some other sparkle you can add

☆ Dried flowers

☆ Fabric Swatches

☆ Polaroid pictures

☆ Old concert wristbands, show tickets, plane tickets, etc

☆ Vintage postcards and posters (found at your local antique shop for only a few cents)

3. Making the final product

Next, choose the place where you want your masterpiece to reside. I usually make them in my bullet journal, but today I decided to make the mood board on my wall. Wherever you choose to create your mood board, make it somewhere that you look for inspiration and that you can retrieve in the future when you are in a creative rut.


I hope you enjoyed this fun little post, and that it inspired you to create your own. I know that many of you actually already have some really amazing mood boards and collages that I would love to see. If you post a pic of your mood board/ inspiration board/ collage to your insta story and tag me @auchatbleublog, I would love to give you a little shout out for being so amazing and creative!

Thanks for stopping by my lovelies! See you next Saturday!

26 thoughts on “How To Make a Gorgeous Moodboard”

  1. Oh I love this post! Me and my mum have been wanting to do mood boards for sooo long now – and I think it’s bout’ time we do it. So thanks for sharing all your tips and tricks. Also, I must say that I absolutely love how yours turned out – LOVE LOVE LOVE <333

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