A Trip to Washington, DC

Bonjour mes amies! Last weekend was Memorial Day weekend, so my friends and I went on a trip to Washington, DC. These pictures are from the Georgetown neighborhood (you might recognize the name from the show Georgetown Cupcakes) which is a really charming area with a university, cute shops, and a cool vibe.


My friends and I love bubble tea, and we always hangout at a boba shop in our area, so we had to go to this Thai restaurant. My friends ordered sushi, but they didn’t have any that was vegetarian, so I ordered a delicious noodle dish instead.


After eating, we went to Georgetown’s huge Urban Outfitters where we shopped until we dropped. Then my friends paid 5 dollars for a psychic reading which concerned me at first but was a good laugh afterwards.


Guys, you are never going to believe what happened. At Brandy Melville, one of the workers asked to take my friends and my picture for style inspiration for the company. She asked for our instagrams and took individual pictures of our outfits to send to corporate because they base their clothing off of what their customers wear.  I can’t make this stuff up!


Overall, our trip to DC was fantastic! I know New York and LA get all the attention, but DC is a really fun place to visit. I hope you all enjoyed this little photo diary!

19 thoughts on “A Trip to Washington, DC”

  1. I absolutely love these photos OMG!!! The way you’ve edited them is SO freaking cool ❤ Also this trip sounds so fun and I'm definitely down for some Bubble Tea now haha xxx


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