Travel Essentials ~collab~

Bonjour mes amies! This post is extra special because it is a collaboration with beautiful-creative-inspiring-life aka Mia! Mia’s blog was one of the first blogs I followed here on WordPress because her blog is seriously amazing… She has a killer sense of style, gorgeous travel posts, and all around beautiful content. Mia has done collabs for all of April while working and traveling, so can we all give a round of applause for her dedication and work ethic! We decided to do a travel post together because she recently traveled to Italy (I’m very jealous) and I went on a wonderful trip to Africa and Europe a few weeks ago.

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My Essentials TE9

Sunglasses- These are a must-have while traveling. First of all, they protect your eyes from the sun, but most importantly, they are an essential addition to every outfit.

A notebook- I always bring a notebook with me while I travel. Sometimes I like to write down my daily adventures or if I’m bored on the plane, I’ll doodle.

Cooling gel- I’m obsessed with this little cooling stick from Milk Makeup. It is the perfect travel companion because it is so refreshing and reenergizing which is perfect for jet lag. It also feels great after a long day in the sun and is so relaxing right before bed.


Polaroid- My polaroid is absolutely essential when I travel. Something about immediately printing your photo is so fulfilling, and the aesthetic of the pictures is unbeatable. I try to take polaroids on all my trips because I love filling up the wall in my room with pictures of my travels and favorite memories.

Earphones- Girl, let me tell you! From experience, you do not want to forget these. Whether you want to watch something on the plane or listen to music after your travel mates have gone to bed, these are a must-have.

An all-purpose bag- This handy little glossier bag is incredibly useful. Of course, yours doesn’t have to be from glossier, but a small bag like this really comes in handy. It’s perfect for holding jewelry, seashells, travel mementos, makeup, you name it!

Eye mask- Guess who saved their whole family from tragic sleep deprivation on their trip to Morocco? Me 😉 These eye masks are so handy for sleeping especially on a plane. Another bonus you wouldn’t suspect? These are great for avoiding your phone before bed. Something about putting this mask on signals to my body that it is time to sleep, and it provides another obstacle to checking your Instagram feed just one more time (aka spending the rest of the night scrolling through the depths of social media).

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Thanks for reading my post and make sure you go check out Mia’s blog! See you all next week!

QOTD: What is your dream travel destination?

35 thoughts on “Travel Essentials ~collab~”

  1. I love your photos so much, your edits are cute AF! We share a lot of the same travel essentials (seriously, is it even possible to travel without sunnies or earphones? I rebuke the idea). Sorry for being late to upload lovely lady, but I’m home and I’m getting it out tomorrow! 😉 Loved your post xxx

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  2. I love these!I totally agree with earphones being an essential!Love the idea of sharing essentials on blogs, and not only just youtube.Love your blog, and I’d love for you to check mine out too!

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