How I Make/ Edit My Blog Photos and Collages

Bonjour mes amies! I’ve had an extreme amount of home work, and I’m getting ready to take the SAT in two weeks, so my schedule= study, study, study, repeat. However, I still set aside time to blog on my favorite little corner of the internet because I love interacting with all you lovely people out there! Every since I started my personal blog, I’ve loved to follow blogs with really cool and interesting pictures. You all inspire me to get creative with my camera and photo editing skills! Last week, I received a lot of positive feedback on my photos and collages in my How To Eat Vegetarian (as a teenager), so I decided to share how I make my graphics.

Before we get started, in case you are new to my blog, I want to show you what my graphics look like. Here are some examples from my last view posts…



Now on to the tutorials⚡️


Step 1: To start off, if I’m not using my own pictures, I go to Pinterest and choose some pictures that match my post idea and aesthetic. My tip is to use the search tool on Pinterest with certain key words. For example, search the type of picture you want followed by the words aesthetic or Tumblr. As a result, super pretty and artsy photos will show up which will be perfect for your collage.

Step 2: Next, I import the pictures to PicsArt, which is a free app, using the collage button, and I arrange them in a design usually near the bottom of the screen so that I can add words at the top.

Step 3: After organizing my photos, I add some words. My favorite font is Stroke Dimension because it is easy to read (plus it is super cute). I usually try to mix fonts because I think it gives the post a really unique look. I have found that cursive fonts go well with standard, precise fonts.

Step 4: Next, it is time for the overlays. I use the sticker button at the bottom of the screen to find interesting overlays for my pictures. I call them overlays, but they are really just stickers that go on top of your pictures. I’m obsessed with a sticker of mini pink stars which I use on all my pictures (see picture 4 and the featured image). In this collage, I also added a little hand holding a flower next to the words.

Step 5: Last but not least (and this step is optional), I like to add a filter to the collage. Sometimes I skip this step, but I do think that adding a filter makes the collage look more put-together and harmonious.

Photo Collage 1

Photo Collage 3

The Final Product💫

editing-1.jpegHOW I EDIT MY PHOTOS

I usually edit my photos using VSCO and Pic Collage, two free and amazing apps. VSCO is great for applying filters and Pic Collage is my go-to source for adding lots of words and decals to pictures.

My Photo From a Flower Farm Edited Using VSCO💫

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Two Photos I Edited With Pic Collage💫



Thanks for joining me on my photo editing journey! I hope you liked this post and it introduced you to some new apps and techniques for your Instagram or blog. I would love to know what apps you use to edit your photos in the comments!

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Thank for reading loves!

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