February Journal + My Supplies

Bonjour mes amies! As you might know if you have followed me for a few months, I love journaling… and I mean love it! Journaling is one of my favorite ways to relieve stress. I love watching journaling videos on youtube and looking at beautiful journals on Pinterest. Of course my journal isn’t always the prettiest… I have some pages that are messy and unorganized, for when I’m having a stressful week, and I have other pages that I spend time to make pretty and aesthetically pleasing. I have experimented with diaries, bullet journals, and travel journals, and I’m obsessed with them all.

Today I will be showing you guys my February journal. It has some aspects of a bullet journal and some of an artistic journal. I hope these pictures give you some inspiration!

Title Page: On the left, I printed out some pictures from Pinterest that I liked and would give me some inspiration for the rest of my journal. On the right, I drew a little calendar to help me picture the layout of the month.


Inspiration: Whenever I read a magazine, I cut out pictures that I like and save them in a little envelope on my desk. For this artistic spread, I used some of those pictures and some leftover Pinterest photos to make a collage.


Planner and Goals: I took this picture before I absolutely destroyed the to-do lists last week ahhah. On the right, I wrote my February goals. I just watched 13 Reasons Why (yes, I know I’m super late) thats why they are focused on being kind to others and appreciating the little things.


My Supplies ♥

Here are my washi tape swatches. They are from the recollections collection from Michaels (I’m super lucky because I got them heavily discounted). On the right, I wrote the name of each pen or marker that I use in that pen or marker. My favorite is the Pitt Artist Pen which is what I used for my headers. My notebooks are from Rifle Paper Co (they were a gift from one of my bffs and are the perfect gift to give to your crafty friend).

Tape swatches.JPG

Thanks for reading my post! Lastly, I would like to share some music that is perfect for journaling to.

June Gloom: I’m obsessed with this song because it reminds me of Hawaii and it’s so relaxing. It is perfect for putting me in a productive yet creative mood.

Reverie: This song is upbeat and happy. It reminds me of a happy summer day. If you couldn’t already tell, I’m really having summertime sadness.

24 thoughts on “February Journal + My Supplies”

  1. oooh! i love your journal! it’s so cute and your handwriting and work is extremely neat! ✨ I just did my February Bullet Journal too aha 💕
    Ellie xx 🌴

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