January Haul

Bonjour mes amies! I’m super excited to share this post because this is my first haul! I love watching fashion videos and putting my own twist on celebrity trends. My style is influenced by a lot of youtubers and Instagramers such as Hailey Sani and Summer Mckeen. Basically, I really like vintage clothing vibes and summery pieces. My fashion usually reflects my mood because sometimes I like to feel like a surfer girl from Hawaii and sometimes I like to feel like a chic Parisian. I hope you guys like these pieces!

BTW: I will link everything to where I got it. If I can’t find the original product or if a brand is no longer selling it then I will link a similar product.

#1 Wrap Mini Dress

I think this is my favorite clothing item of this haul. The dress is incredible flattering. I’m super excited to wear this on a night out with my friends or while I’m in Spain. Link here

Haul 4

#2 Chenille Pullover Sweater

I love this sweater because it is so soft and versatile. Its really great because it can be dressed up or down. Link here

Haul 1

#3 Red Corduroy Skirt

This red skirt is so cute and really makes an outfit look put together. I can see myself wearing this in any season depending on how I style it. Link here (similar)

Haul 2

#4 Floral Shirt

I saw this shirt on clearance, and when I put it on, I fell in love with it. I can definitely see this shirt with some jeans and Birkenstocks at a nice lunch with my bffs. Link here (similar)

Haul 3

#5 Accessories

Gold Crescent Drop Earrings- I’m literally obsessed with these. They are so trendy and unique because they have a piece that hangs down from the earring stud that fits along the bottom of your ear. Link here

Gold Hoops- I’ve seen hoops all over Instagram and Pinterest, and I love the trend. Link here (similar)

Zodiac Necklace- I love personalized jewelry because it really makes your outfit customizable to you. Pictured is my pisces necklace which is a reference to my birthday zodiac sign. Link here (similar)

Haul 5

Thank you so much for reading! See you next time!

11 thoughts on “January Haul”

  1. I know what you mean about having an adaptable style – mine changes so much! I love all of the items in this post, in particular the floral shirt and all of your gorgeous jewellery. I would definitely love to have a zodiac necklace myself! Have a great week xox

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