Polaroids From Montréal, Canada

Bonjour mes amies! I guess my signature greeting really does fit this time! Over Martin Luther King day weekend I was able to go to Montréal with my family. “Canada in January?!?” you may ask. Yup, we may be a bit crazy, but Montréal was wonderful. It snowed which made everything look like a magical winter wonderland.

This was my first time in Canada🇨🇦 and I was very impressed with the city, the food, and the kind people. Montréal’s food literally blew me away. I did not expect so much vegetarian food, and I’m not even kidding when I say every meal I got looked like a piece of art. I know that these photos are not real Polaroids, but I edited them like a polaroid with writing on it for the aesthetic (I couldn’t use my real polaroid in the snow). I hope you enjoy this little travel diary!

We started out our first full day in Montréal at a cute restaurant called LOV. It was so delicious and I had my first Matcha Latte. So yummy!

Q 3

After exploring the streets, shopping, and eating we made our way to McGill University.

Q 1

While it snowed, we explored the McGill campus, and when it got too cold, we went inside some of the buildings. The picture below was taken in a study room at the Islamic Studies Library. After going back to our Airbnb, my mom and I watched Stranger Things aka the perfect end to a perfect day.

Q 4

The next day we went to Old Montreal. The town was cute, and I can imagine it is very lively in the summer. We ate the most delicious breakfast I’ve ever had (I’m talking warm, flaky croissants and sweet crepes). I swear the food here is so delicious!

Q 5

After eating we walked to the Ferris wheel and took a ride inside a heated gondola. The picture below was taken from the ferris wheel overlooking the ice skating rink.

Q 2

Song Of The Trip: All The Stars (Kendrick Lamar and SZA)

Outfit Of The Trip: Black jeans, gray chenille sweater, black boots, light pink and gray knit socks

Thank you for reading this travel diary post! I hope you had a little taste of Montréal and will take a trip here some day.

P.S. I reached 100+ followers! I feel so honored to have 100+ people from around the world who have enjoyed my blog enough to follow. I know that this is only a small amount to some, but when I first started this blog, only a few months ago, I never thought that I would be reaching this goal. My gratitude is through the roof for you guys. I blog to express myself, to spread a kind message, and to meet lovely people like yourself and I am extremely happy to hit this milestone.


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