Productivity Tips That Will Change Your Life in 2018

Bonjour mes amies! Happy New Year! Can you guys believe that it is 2018 already? I swear it was just 2012… but anyways, these are some productivity hacks that are sure to make your 2018 SUPER productive. Who is going to excel this year? YOU! I believe that you can make 2018 YOUR year, all you have to do is believe it yourself! Now *drumroll* for the tips!

  1. Make a distraction page

Boom! That was a distraction popping into your head when you are trying to work. Distractions are like mosquitos; they bite at the worst times and strive to annoy you. If you have a distraction page where you can write down your thoughts for later then you are far more likely to keep working on the task at hand. This way you can come back to the distraction later and stay on task in the present.

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2. Avoid interruptions

How many of us have found ourselves using our phones instead of doing our work? Guilty as charged 🙋🏼. I have found that the best way to avoid using my phone is to put it out of eyesight or to block myself from using it.

I don’t think I would get anything done if not for the app Forest which allows you to set a timer for the amount of time you would like to focus. If you successfully stay off your phone for that amount of time then it plants a little tree in your garden and gives you coins. Those coins add up and you can use them to buy a real tree that will be planted in Africa. The thought that you could be helping a poor village have sustainable land usage and pull their workers out of poverty is enough to make anyone keep studying or working (with the added bonus of better grades or blog interactions as a result.)

New Year 4

3. Create an inspiration/motivation page

Sometimes it feels as if all your inspiration and motivation has been drained from your body. If you have a special page to remind you of your purpose for working hard then it can help to keep those creative juices flowing and keep you on the track to better results. My favorite is “One day or day one. You decide.”

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4. Plan, plan, and plan

The worst thing is to find yourself with out enough time to get all your work done. Whether you use a planner, a calendar, your phone, or all of the above, it is essential that you manage your time wisely to be productive. Now who is ready for a year of success and cute,  decorated planners?

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5. Do the hard/annoying/undesirable tasks first

If you get the annoying or difficult tasks done first then you are more likely to proceed with the tasks that you do enjoy. This way you won’t have the difficult tasks hanging over your head and you can enjoy the fun tasks..


Thank you for a great few months of blogging! It makes me so happy when people read my blog and I love reading your blogs in return! I hope that 2018 is a wonderful year for you all because you know what my fellow humans… you deserve a good year. You deserve happiness, success, and fulfillment because you work hard, you have dreams, and you have the basic human right to be happy. Don’t forget your worth!



12 thoughts on “Productivity Tips That Will Change Your Life in 2018”

  1. Wow, these are some amazing tips – love the idea for a distraction page!! I’m always getting random thoughts & questions popping into my head when I’m in the middle of trying to do something else, definitely going to try that! X

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  2. These are amazing tips! I am going to try out listing my distractions for sure, as sometimes we don’t even notice the little things that hinder our productivity :’) Wishing you the best 2018! xox


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