Hot Chocolate and Chat

Bonjour mes amies! In honor of the lovely autumn weather and the chill of fall, I decided today would be a great day to have a cocoa chat. I want this post to feel like we are sitting at a cozy cafe in Paris sipping some hot chocolate, coffee, or tea and having a great discussion. I have seen a lot of youtube videos and blog posts who have done “tea chats” or “babble and bake” so I thought I’d give it a try.

1st chat 3
My Hot Cocoa

Wow! This has been a crazy week… I had an insane workload from school and barely slept at all because of it! But now it is the weekend!!! I’ll start off by talking about what I’ve been loving recently.

Current Obsessions: 

Boba Tea: I can’t get enough of it! Boba or bubble tea is a Taiwanese drink that incorporates flavored tea with tapioca balls or jelly. At the Kung Fu Tea near my house, they serve milk teas, yogurt-based drinks, slush (my personal favorite), and punch. Flavors ranging from strawberry milk to lychee and taro are offered which gives me something fun to try every time.

1st Chat 1

What I’m Listening To: Billie Eilish and Harry Styles. Billie Eilish’s music has a unique sound that is eerily beautiful. Her lyrics are creative and her music is catchy. Harry Style’s solo album is emotional, deep, and beautiful. What can I say, I’m impressed by the former boy band member.

What I’m Reading: Turtles All The Way Down by John Green. This book examines the mind of a teenage girl who has OCD which is incredibly moving and heartbreaking because you just want to reach into the book and help her. John Green once again writes a truly great book. Fun fact: I actually got to see him on his book tour where I got a signed book!


On my mind:

I had to do a project about my ancestry for my AP Human Geography class this week and it left me thinking about immigration. I looked around my class and saw people from Africa, Asia, Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East. This project made me incredibly aware of how blessed I am to live in a such a diverse and unique country. It was incredibly eye-opening to know that one of my classmates had to escape her country at the age of 4 to escape conflict or that another classmate’s mother had to flee her country to avoid an arranged marriage and a life of poverty. My heart warms when I hear the amazing success stories of these people, but it also breaks when I hear the challenges they had to endure and the many people who do not make it.

I hope you liked this cocoa and chat and I’ll see you next time ♥



5 thoughts on “Hot Chocolate and Chat”

  1. This is so cute, can you make me one of those hot chocolates please?? It looks so yummy! Harry is my favourite person ever and I absolutely love Billie, I can totally see where you’re coming from there! I also need to read Turtles All The Way Down, I’ve missed John Green! xx

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  2. That hot cocoa looks so wonderful. Also, I love Billie Eilish – she’s so creative and inspiring (partly because she’s only 15 and is hugely insightful and successful). Have a lovely day. xx

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