October Trends

Bonjour mes amies! This has been an absolutely crazy and stressful week at school, but now it’s the weekend! In today’s post I will show you guys some of the most popular October trends and some trends that I’m currently loving ♥

Trend 1: Sheer Tops

Sheer tops have become extremely popular in recent months and I’m all about it! Celebrities models like Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner caught on to this trend quickly and have been rocking this style. This October, I have seen countless sheer tops at Brandy Melville, Urban Outfitters, and ASOS. Another great thing about trend is that the coverage is completely customizable, because you can choose what type of tank top/shirt to wear underneath.

Trends 1

Trend 2: Embroidered Everything!

I think this might be my favorite trend because as you can probably tell from my blog, I am obsessed with flowers and floral designs. This trend makes any outfit look fashionable and put together even if you just wear it with a plain black or white t-shirt.

Trends 2

Trend 3: Primary Colors (especially yellow and red)

These two colors have dominated the fashion scene in recent months. Of course, red has always been considered a bold and attention grabbing color, but this mustard colored yellow is a new clothing color for most. Admittedly I was not a big fan of yellow in the past, but now I’m obsessed! I love how yellow brightens and warms an outfit or picture.

Trends 3Trends 4

Trend 4: Decorated Socks

I have seen this trend all over Instagram and Pinterest. It is such a unique and clever way to add character to an outfit. This trend goes perfectly with sneakers like Converse, Vans, Adidas, and Nike.

Trends 6

Trend 5: Pins and Patches

This trend is a super cool way to personalize an outfit. You can easily purchase pins and patches from Urban Outfitters, Brandy Melville, Etsy, PinMart, and Pintrill. The best part about this trend is that you can show your personality or show your support for a cause.

Trends 5

*All collage pictures from Pinterest. All credit goes to owners*

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment your favorite trend ⇓

13 thoughts on “October Trends”

  1. Oh my goodness you literally named all the trends I’m loving atm! Embroidery and red clothing are just a massive yes from me; mustard/yellow has been a favourite of mine for a few years 🙂 And decorated socks..I have too many xD x

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