10 Tips That Will Help You Succeed In School

Bonjour mes amies! Most students are back to school, so I thought it would be nice to write a post about 10 ways to succeed in school this year. I chose not to use the words “How To Get Good Grades” or “How To Get All As”, because I think success more appropriately covers all the types of goals students may have. While some strive to get all A’s, some students, who may be struggling, would be thrilled by a C. I hope these tips are helpful!

  1. Study using the best technique for you

    This is the key to doing well on tests and quizzes. What is the point of studying for hours on end, if you won’t wind up remembering any of it. For me, rewriting/ rearranging my notes, writing vocabulary lists, and drawing diagrams and pictures helps me to remember the information. Vibrant colors and pictures allow me to stay organized, but I can see how his technique might not work for different types of learners. Maybe it helps you to watch videos and take notes? Maybe practice questions are the best way to study for you? It all depends on how you learn 🙂

    Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
    My notes
  2. Stay organized

    This tip is extremely important. Binders, folders, and notebooks allow you to keep your notes and handouts in an orderly and accessible fashion. Nothing is worse than preparing for a final exam, and realizing you don’t have any of your notes from the year.

  3. Work ahead if you have the opportunity

    I know some people who can whip out a perfect essay at midnight the day before its due, but for most people this method is not successful and they don’t produce their best quality work. Working ahead allows you to get a head start on projects, spend time revising, and retain the information better.

  4. Create a study group/ join an online community

    recently found the app studying amino and I am obsessed. The app connects you with other students around the world and creates an encouraging study community. You can participate in polls, quizzes, answer questions, and read blog posts.

    study 6
    This is my screenshot, but not my picture. Credit goes to owner.
  5. Get inspired! Studying doesn’t have to be boring!

    There is a incredible community of studygrams (Instagram), studyblrs (Tumblr), and studying themed youtube accounts. My favorites are studyquill (youtube), studywithinspo (youtube), and studytosuccess (youtube).

    My human geography notes


  6. Make your study space enjoyable

    If you hate where you have to study, most likely you won’t work for very long. I like to add inspirational pictures, concepts I need to remember, and to-do lists to the wall above my desk to make my space more enjoyable.

    study area
    My office


  7. Feel like you want to give up? Try this tip and remember these things

    Remember, you are capable of success. You can do this! If you just study a little longer, you will be one step closer to your goals. One tip I have for when you are super exhausted is to put on a sheet mask to wake yourself up. After refreshing yourself, you can work more effectively and remember more information.
    Helpful study tip

  8. Change up your environment

    Try changing up where you study, so you don’t become too bored. Some terrific places to study are a library, a cafe, or outside on a picnic table (if the weather permits).

  9. Make connections and acronyms

    This tip pretty much explains itself. Making acronyms is a great way to remember information.

  10. Stay alert/interested

    To stay awake and interested, try listening to music or a podcast. Recently, I have been listening to history podcasts while I do my homework. Another tip is to listen to foreign music, especially if you get distracted easily. When I listen to French or Spanish music, I enjoy the rhythm but am not distracted by the words.Study 7

2 thoughts on “10 Tips That Will Help You Succeed In School”

  1. Most excellent thoughts on studying for a test or to study in general. How wise you are – it does depend on your learning style and it’s worth investigating. When I began rewriting my notes to study for a test, I began to get much better grades. Of course you need to take good notes as well! I like the way you illustrate your points. A plus!


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