Appreciating The Little Things

Bonjour mes amies! As you have seen from the title, this blog post is about all the little beautiful experiences in life that we may not see at first, but are important nonetheless. I was sitting outside watching my pets wander around my yard, when I noticed flowers of every kind blooming in my yard. I felt a sudden burst of inspiration, and started picking flowers and rapidly assembling a flower crown. When I was a little girl, I used to sit in the grass and make buttercup rings, run around with my friends, and use little nuts and berries to make pretend meals. I have always loved making art with nature. Reminiscing about these fond times outdoors, I thought these pictures would be perfect for a post all about the little things that make life enjoyable.






30 Little Things To Appreciate

  1. When someone says “This reminded me of you”
  2. Snuggling in your blankets watching your favorite movie
  3. Laughing until your stomach hurts
  4. Hearing the birds sing
  5. Feeling the first breeze of fall
  6. Reuniting with your friends after a long time
  7. Falling asleep to the sound of rain
  8. Finding something you lost
  9. Making someone smile
  10. Putting your comfortable clothes on after a long day
  11. Eating a nice warm cookie
  12. Exploring a new place
  13. Watching the sunset
  14. Eating a delicious home cooked meal
  15. Seeing the leaves fall in autumn
  16. Resonating with a really good book
  17. Finding someone who loves the same thing as you
  18. A bright and sunny day
  19. Cheering your favorite team on
  20. Biting into a sweet and juicy fruit
  21. Feeling extremely proud of something
  22. That warm feeling after helping someone/something
  23. That warm feeling after being helped by someone/something
  24. Jamming to your favorite song
  25. A good hair day
  26. Capturing the perfect photo
  27. Looking out of the plane window at the beautiful earth
  28. Freshly painted nails
  29. Being the ideal temperature (not too hot/ too cold)
  30. The ability to write and share your ideas on a blog ♥







12 thoughts on “Appreciating The Little Things”

  1. Awesome blog! While reading your list, I realized that many of these things I learned in a course I took called Mindfullness Based Stress Reduction. This is exactly what you are doing and what I have been doing to try to reduce my grief and it does, indeed work very well. You have the right idea for living and appreciating God’s creation.

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  2. Loved reading this so much as someone who struggles to let go and notice the beauty and wonder around me from time to time. It’s easy to focus on the ‘bigger picture’ and your broader goals but sometimes noticing the little things, and enjoying moments such as sitting together with my cat and watching the sunrise, is what we need to be happy 🙂 x

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