My Favorite Books

Bonjour mes amies! Today’s post is on my favorite books. I chose four categories, lifestyle, motivational, transformational, and educational. I will do a post on my favorite fiction books in the future. I hope you like this post!

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Why I like it: This book combines all my favorite things, French, healthy food, music, beauty tips, and even yoga poses! I found this book at a beach bookstore which made it even more special.

Type of book: This book is a complete lifestyle guide. It has detailed recipe instructions and the prettiest pictures. It organizes all the recipes by season, so you can eat fresh and local food year round.

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Why I like it: I got this book for free from my school and didn’t think much of it until I read it last summer. I was happily surprised by how relevant and real it is.

Type of book: This book is a thorough and practical book that offers great advice for teenagers (but I think anyone could read it). The best part about this book is that is presents information in a conversational manner so it entertains while also informing.

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Why I like it: If you haven’t read Soul Surfer or seen the movie then you must read this! This book opened me up to a whole world of faith, second chances, and surfing. I was snorkeling on vacation and saw a shark with my own eyes, which made this book even more special (I plan on doing a post on seeing a shark in the next few weeks).

Type of book: This book is truly transformational. Her story of faith, determination, and success is empowering. I have read Soul Surfer multiple times and sadly, it is now falling apart. I recommend this book immensely.

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Why I like it: If you guys didn’t already know, I am currently learning French in school. I love this book because it is a great way to learn.

Type of book: This book is half in English and half in French. The stories progressively get harder which means it offers a unique challenge for each new story. In addition, they have this type of book for other languages such as Spanish, Chinese, and German.

Additional Note

I would like to make an additional announcement about Hurricane Harvey. Hurricane Harvey made landfall in eastern Texas on August 26. It has damaged thousands of homes, displaced 30,000 people, and has caused catastrophic flooding. Reports have said that this is a 1 in 1,000 year phenomenon. The storm has caused major damages to buildings, schools, homes, and human lives. A state of emergency has been called in both Texas and Louisiana. Please keep the victims of this hurricane in your prayers and pray that they may get shelter, safety, and food/water.

1 thought on “My Favorite Books”

  1. I agree with your choice of books, especially Soul Surfer. Though I did not read the boo, I did see the movie and found it heartwarming and motivational.
    Impressive writing. Goodteacher88

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