The Great American Eclipse 2017

Bonjour mes amies! I was lucky enough to see the solar eclipse yesterday. Here are my pictures and thoughts ♥

What eclipse?

For those of you who may live outside the United States or didn’t have a chance to read up on the eclipse, the solar eclipse occurred on August 21, 2017 across the United States. During the solar eclipse, the moon traveled in front of the sun creating almost complete darkness in areas of complete totality. Eclipse watchers saw the moon cover the sun and a solar corona glow around the moon. Eclipse glasses were necessary to protect against the sun rays before and after the eclipse. Scroll down to see some awesome eclipse pictures 🙂

Where did I see it?

My family and I went to Knoxville, Tennessee to view the eclipse closer to the range of 100% totality.


What was the beginning of the eclipse like?

Creepy but beautiful! It was so unnerving to see all the streetlights turn on because of the oncoming darkness and to hear the cicadas suddenly start humming very loudly. Dogs started barking and the entire park began to have a strange tinge as if someone was applying a filter to all of our eyes. The picture below has no filter, yet it looks heavily edited! This was the middle of the day and it looked like dusk!

Eclipse 3

What did the total solar eclipse look like?

It was incredible and jaw dropping! Seeing the sun disappear left me in disbelief and I was eagerly taking time lapses, pictures, and videos. The solar corona was stunning. Pictured below is the eclipse through the lens of a telescope, taken right as the moon was moving out of the way of the sun.

Eclipse 2


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