3 Ways To Personalize Your School/Office Supplies

  1. Decorate your binder cover with a collage/ scrapbook paper

    I used magazine clips to create a collage to put in my binder. You could also use decorated scrapbook paper, a painting, or stickers to personalize your supplies. For office settings, a simple color-coded system of binders can make all the difference.

  2. Washi tape your pencils and pens

    I used washi tape from Michaels to add flair to my pens and pencils. This way you can keep track of your items when you loan them out and have a cute pen!supplies 7

  3. Use stickers to decorate

    For this craft, I used free stickers that I have received from different brands after purchasing an item or stickers I have received after requesting free stickers online. If you don’t have any of these, use stickers purchased from Michaels, Target, or a craft store to decorate your supplies.supplies 6Comment below which idea is your favorite↓

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