What comes to mind when you think of Capri? Maybe it’s gorgeous views, the blue grotto…. or maybe it’s medium length pants? In this case it’s the stunning island off the coast of Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast.

How to Get There

  • Take a boat from one of the towns on the Amalfi Coast, Sorrento, or even Naples.
  • I recommend . Our guide was kind and offered to let us jump off the boat for a quick swim. We left from Marina di Praia near our hotel in Praiano (Picture 2).

What To See On The Way There

  1. The Li Galli Islands: Legend says these small islands are the home of the mythical sirens in the Odyssey. In modern times, Russian ballet dancer Rudolph Nurejev made the islands his home.
  2. The Faraglioni Rocks: The symbol of Capri (Picture 1).
  3. Positano, Praiano, etc: Make sure to see these picturesque towns from a new perspective on the water (Picture 4)
  4. The Grottos: Who said the blue grotto was the only one? We saw many grottos such as the emerald and white grottos on our way.

What To Do

  1. Go to the beach, its as simple as that 🙂 (Picture 6)
  2. Visit the Blue Grotto or Grotta Azzura.
  3. Explore Capri town or Anacapri (farther off the beaten path and way less touristy).
  4. Visit Villa Jovis (ruins of a Roman Emperor’s palace).
  5. Go hiking and see amazing views of the island.

Where To Eat

*Avoid the extremely touristy restaurants down near the harbor, where your tour boat will let off. They will shout and call to you for business, but stay strong, the best food is farther up in Capri town or in Anacapri*

  1. Al Capri Restaurant
  2. La Fontelina


FuroreCliffsPositanoCapriCapri Beach

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